Who Are You?

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You know who you are.

You have invested in your company.




This is your dream.

The dream may have been going on for years.

Or it may have just started.

You had an idea.

You had a product.

You had a service.

You are confident.

You are excited.

You know who you are.

But does everyone else?

As What Women Want celebrates its 10th season we were reflecting on this very question the other day. Looking back on our conversations with our partners it’s not uncommon to have heard them say they were surprised by customers asking who they were, asking how long they’ve been in business, asking if they had a store, despite them having been established for many years.

That is the opportunity of What Women Want.

This is your opportunity to say hi again to old customers.

This is your opportunity to introduce yourself to new customers.

You know who you are.

The time is coming.

The time to share who you are with Saskatchewan!

Michelle StrawfordComment