Michelle Strawford - What Women Want Show Producer

Michelle Strawford - What Women Want Show Producer

This year is our Twelfth yEAr!

What Women Want continues to showcase our hopes for new
business growth and all the entrepreneurs in our community – the
go-getters and the early-risers.

This year, What Women Want brings the
Urban Market meets Fashion Festival - The 2020 Experience!
Join our entrepreneur tribe and come celebrate the incredible power of collaboration.
This year we continue to make it easy for young and new entrepreneurs to join us.
Helping entrepreneurs grow is what WHAT WOMEN WANT is all about!

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 New vibe;
new business tribe!


This year our focus in on growing our What Women Want family! Together we are stronger!

I can say without a doubt that I have never been this excited to bring businesses together.


Year after year, our biz partners return with larger and larger pop-up spaces because of the influence What Women Want makes to their bottom line. More than 6,000 guests line up each year to be entertained, enjoy local food, sips and to meet and shop with our partners. 

And not just on event weekend – What Women Want partners with our pop-up partners all year. It’s not just about the event; it’s about a partnership that keeps on growing.



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